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  wardaggers.com is going offline. I am afraid that after 16+ years of online trading, I have decided to take the website offline. The hosting costs involved in keeping it live, along with other family commitments means that I no longer have the time or dedication to keep it updated to a high standard. I will be keeping the homepage live for a short time in order to offer select  items of  Militaria that we may come across, to UK buyers only.      

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( UK Sale ONLY ) - We will be adding a select item for sale to our homepage, at a hugely discounted price. This item will be changed regularly and offered for only a short period.
   We hope that fellow collectors and militaria enthusiasts Worldwide have found the information that has been available on this website for a number of years, of some value and interest. Having removed and sold virtually all of our collection and stock, keeping the website online for a further year, as a reference only website is not viable, but we have made lots of great friends and met some amazing people through contacts made via this website and to those people and all of our previous customers, we say a massive THANK YOU
   Carl Eickhorn 2nd Pattern 1935/6 German Army Officers Dagger - 449

An early  production Heer Officers dagger from the premium manufacturer Carl Eickhorn. This dagger would make a great starter piece for the new collector or a fine addition for anybody looking to add a decent representative example to an already established collection The dagger looks fantastic, it is heavily silvered meaning the patina is rich and dark and silver wash is still evident on close inspection suggesting it has had minimal cleaning over the years. The blade tang on this dagger is shouldered and not the earlier tapered tang seen on the earliest production daggers by Eickhorn but the configuration of other parts still confirms it to be from around 1936 or 1937. The scabbard is also heavily silvered with some wash remaining, the lower scabbard band shows some swing wear and the throat is missing one screw from a double screw configuration. The blade is unmarked with no makers mark but it retains much of the original cross-grain and the fine needle point to the blade. The grip is excellent, no damage and being darker to the front that than the obverse
 It is being offered at a low price due to an issue with the cross-guard, the wreath has a clean break at the birds feet that occurred at some point during the daggers history and has had a very tidy repair to the rear ( metal plate cut to shape and fixed ).
 An ideal army officers dagger for anybody looking for a text book early, highly silvered and well conditioned example. It displays very well, and will not break the bank. Reduced by a third with the damage taken into consideration. UK sales only please.






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   Unmarked ( Horster ) German Luftwaffe Officers Dagger - ( Imitation Ivory Grip ) 395

Another great starter piece at an affordable price. This unmarked 2nd Luftwaffe Officer dagger features 'gun metal gray' late war fittings and a faux Ivory celluloid Ivory grip with double twisted brass wire. The grip itself is wood cored and these are actually quite rare. Few where produced due to the late period of the war and the mortality rate of the cheaper produced celluloid covering materials was high, meaning few survive in decent condition today. This one has a small 3/4" hairline split or scratch which is completely stable but visible all the same. The pot metal fittings originally probably would have held a silver wash top coating but this finish tended to get absorbed by the base metal or rubbed off in subsequent years. The fittings remain crisp and well detailed however and would benefit from a delicate clean with a wooden tooth pick!. I have done a little research on the make up of the parts, the oak leaves engraved panels and cross-guard all seem to point towards Horster as the manufacturer although the blade is unmarked.
 The blade is very good, there is some light runner marks from the scabbard but the blade retains cross-grain and has the original point to the blade. The scabbard is excellent, well detailed and with no dents or door dings, again it could probably benefit from a good clean. The grip could possibly also do with being reversed or rotated so that the split is to the reverse. I have had the pommel off but the grip is tight and I am reluctant to apply any pressure to remove it as these where hand fitted and with an 80+ year old wood core, quite delicate I imagine. The grip also has some light scuff marks to the celluloid covering. A very nice detailed late war German Luftwaffe dagger, with a scare configuration and desirable for the 'type' collector.   UK sales only please.






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