" Which would your men rather be, tired or dead "   Erwin Rommel

HOME DAGGERS       BAYONETS       SWORDS       KNIVES       HELMETS       MISC / CONSIGN       GALLERY      - is also pleased to offer a new service, restoring and colorizing historical and family related black and white photographs. Using the latest digital software and noise reduction techniques, we attempt the recovery of lost details and image cleaning to bring black and white portraits, wedding studio photographs, profile and posed individuals etc back to life. We strive for accurate color representation and hue replacement. Shown below is a gallery of WW2 pictures restored for our customers and portfolio.

Ultimately aimed at military related photographs, I will however assess any historical or genealogical image for restoration.

Please be aware that results depend largely on the quality of the subject photograph and we reserve the right to refuse any image that I do not think would benefit from our service.
We charge a flat $20 fee on accepted photographs, large group's or pictures with busy backgrounds are not considered due to the amount of work involved.
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  Period Photo Restoration  
Liesel & Horst WWII SS Soldat 
NAME  - Liesel & Horst  DATE -  Unknown     NAME  - SS Anti Aircraft Duties ?  DATE -  Unknown
Gebirgsjager Paul Feldmann  Panzer Officer 
NAME - Gebirgsjager Paul Feldmann  DATE -
NAME - Panzer Offizier  DATE - Post 1942  
NAME  - US GI - Palawan - Philippines  DATE - 1945
NAME - SS Rottenführer ( Corporal ) - Unknown  DATE - 1939-1945 NAME - Karl & Franz  DATE -
SS Soldier Wedding  SS Oberkannonier  
NAME - Unknown  DATE - Unknown
NAME - SS Oberkannonier  DATE - Unknown 
NAME - US GI and Friend  DATE -                NAME - Generalfeldmarschall -  Erwin von Witzleben  DATE -     
Bernard Montgomery
NAME -Field Marshal - Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein  DATE - 1944
Oberst Alfred Hemmann
NAME -Unknown Unteroffizier  DATE - Post 1943
NAME  - Oberst Alfred Hemmann  DATE -  Post  1st February 1942  
Generalleutnant Martin Gareis  SS Hauptsturmführer Hans Höflinger 
NAME - Generalleutnant Martin Gareis  DATE - Post 1st January 1943   NAME - SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Höflinger  DATE - 1942
NAME - Unknown - Helmet Net and Panzerfaust  DATE - Unknown NAME - Julia Belousova  DATE - Unknown - Credited with 80 sniper kills
NAME  - Fallschirmjager - Unknown  DATE - 1942  NAME - Gefreiter - Unknown  DATE -
NAME  - Unknown  DATE - 1939-1940? NAME  - Major - Unknown  DATE - Post 1942 - Highly Awarded Individual
 NAME  - Oberstleutnant Gustav Adolf Riebel  DATE - KIA August 1942, 22 days after promotion to Majorgeneral
Major Wolfgang Darius Leutnant Wilhelm Crinius
NAME - Panzer Commander Major Wolfgang Darius  DATE - 1943  NAME - General der Panzertruppen Erwin Rommel  DATE - 1942
Otto Weidinger Gerhard Von Schwerin
NAME - Obersturmbannführer Otto Weidinger   DATE - 1944 NAME - Generalmajor Gerhard Von Schwerin   DATE - 1943
Unknown Feldwebel ss soldier
NAME - Unknown Feldwebel   DATE - Unknown NAME - SS Schutze  DATE - Unknown
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Some of our services include the following:  
- We do offer a consignment service, offering and displaying your authentic
military items on, please see terms and
conditions for more information.                  
- Collector website construction, from single page gallery based blogs to
three, five or seven page websites. Contact for details.
- Free valuation and assessment of your German Military items to the best
of our knowledge.



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